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Postpartum Core Support

by D. Braud
Core: Moves that help new moms rebuild their abdominal muscles.
After having a baby, many women decide to head back to group fitness classes, hoping to get their "bellies" back in shape. While traditional crunches may not be appropriate, this is a time to "rebuild" the core, along with doing other supportive ...

Risk Management

by Valerie Applebaum, MPH, CHES
Best Practices: Keep members and staff safe and your business running smoothly.
We all understand that accidents happen. Unfortunately, in the fitness industry, lawsuits ...

Yoga for Runners

Are you a runner? Would you like to prevent or heal injuries and improve performance? Many runners are discovering that yoga can provide these benefits and transform running into a moving meditation. Kelly McGonigal, PhD, who teaches yoga, group ...

Friends' Impact on Weight Loss

Friends may have our backs, but their health and fitness habits can literally shape our backsides. How do friends help-or hurt-your healthy habits? Learn more from Martina M. Cartwright, PhD, RD, adjunct faculty member at the University of Arizona, ...

4 Subscriptions that Send Health Products to Your Door

If you like to sample a broad range of products that might benefit your healthy lifestyle, monthly subscription services are only too happy to oblige. For a reasonable monthly fee, these companies send subscribers everything from beauty products to ...

5 Ways You Can Take World Home With You

by Joy Keller
You can duplicate the energy and feel of IDEA World Fitness at home.
We are sharing space here at L.A. Live with popular tween boy band One Direction, and I'm honestly not sure if the energy I am feeling is coming from our attendees or the throng of adolescent girls camped out in front of Staples Center, which is adjacent ...

Creative Ideas That Inspire

by Joy Keller
Buzz: Enliven and reinspire members with thoughtful approaches to class design.
Equinox in New York City spices up its pool-based programming with Brazilian Body Surf and Hydro Dance Party.The former is "a combination of cardiovascular and muscle conditioning drills taught using water resistance." The latter is a "cardiovascular ...

Music and the Mind-Body Connection

by Shirley Archer, JD, MA
Fitness professionals have long known that the right music can either rev up or relax their participants, but new research has revealed the depth of music's power. As a result, healthcare professionals now use music to stimulate motor function in ...

Contraindicated Exercises Revisited

by Karen A. Kemper, PhD, MSPH, Meghan Ferguson
Does the research justify completely banning certain exercises from your clients' programs?
You have undoubtedly heard warnings about the use of exercises referred to as "contraindicated." Exercises such as the deep squat, unsupported forward flexion, the plow, the hurdler's stretch, the back bend, and both the full and straight-leg sit-up have ...

Weight Loss: Can Mind-Body Methods Help?

by Shirley Archer, JD, MA
Relaxation training, as part of an overall weight loss program, may be an important factor in helping people lose weight and keep it off, suggests a study in Complementary Therapies in Medicine (2013; doi: 10.1016/j.ctim.2013.05.005). Researchers from the ...