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Innovative Chair Exercises for Seniors

by Karen Schlieter, MBA, MS
Skills and Drills: Offer seated movements that provide functional relevance and challenge.
It's rewarding to hear older-adult participants say they can more easily perform activities of daily living as a result of taking your classes. Participants at a low level of physical function are especially likely to notice a difference. When working ...

Exercise Progressions for Seniors

by Brett A. Pruitt
Take a sensible and gradual approach to improving older adults' quality of life.
While I loved him dearly, I remember my grandfather as a very pessimistic man. He would regularly tell me that getting old inevitably led to the body breaking down, one thing failing after another, until you finally died. In his view, getting old was ...

Senior Moments

by Ken Alan
Bring balance to your cooldowns.
The cooldown should be like frosting-sweet, smooth and so delicious that students want to stay until they finish the very last section of cake-err, I mean, class. In older-adult classes, the cooldown should also balance the mental-energy requirements of ...

Seniors Healthy, Need More Exercise

AARP, a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to addressing the needs and interests of persons 50 and older, has released the first-ever "AARP Quality of Life Index" for people age 50 and above. The results? The health care picture is mixed, with ...

How exercise Benefits Older Seniors

by Ryan Halvorson
New research from the University of Navarra in Spain shows that exercise can have a significant positive impact on older seniors. Scientists recruited 24 adults aged 91-96 and divided them into a nonexercise control group and a ...

Lifelong Exercise Keeps Seniors Young

by Ryan Halvorson
Exercise early in life-benefit later in life. That's what researchers from Ball State University's Human Performance Laboratory, in Indiana, concluded in a study published recently in the Journal of Applied Physiology (2013; 114 [1], 3-10). ...

Water Exercise for Seniors Improves Living on Land

by Mary E. Sanders, PhD
Water Exercise for Seniors Improves Living on Land BY M ARY E. SANDERS, M S Why aquatic fitness programs help older adults exercise in a safe environment. Research shows that physical activity plays an important role in maintaining ...

Psoas Stretches Benefit Seniors

by Ryan Halvorson
Improving inefficient gait patterns is often a focus among fitness professionals working with older adults. Walking problems can diminish independence and increase injury potential. A recent study suggests that regular stretching of the hip flexor muscles ...

Group Energy

by Joy Keller
Buzz: Take a look at what other fitness facilities are putting on their schedules.
Members at 12th Street Gym in Phila-delphia can play their favorite (or not so favorite) childhood game whenever they want with Drop-In Dodgeball. The class is held on the facility-s basketball court and closely resembles the recess game where ...

Three Ways to Welcome Seniors

by Deborah Redder
As demand for senior fitness programs grows, rethink how you organize and prioritize exercise goals for an expanding demographic.
Older adult, senior and mature are terms used to describe an age range of individuals who are now a force in the fitness community. A growing number of businesses and organizations currently cater to this demographic, and the fitness industry is ...