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health and fitness articles

Surf Conditioning

by Lenita Anthony, MA
Exercise RX: Whether you live near an ocean or in a land-locked area, you can use this workout to meet the strength, agility, flexibility, endurance and functional demands of not only surfing but also other sports.

Fitness E-Books

by Biray Alsac, MS
Technology: Ready to publish a book? Consider the benefits of launching an e-book.

Does Exercise Order Really Matter in Resistance Training?

by Len Kravitz, PhD
Research: Research suggests focusing on what the client needs and doing the most important exercise first.

Sun Salutation Solutions

by Joy Keller
Ignite: Just a few multiplanar modifications make this classic yoga warm-up a perfect option for almost any class.

Heart Rate Variability - Overtraining

by Trisha VanDusseldorp, MS, Len Kravitz, PhD
Can new research prevent an age-old paradigm?