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health and fitness articles

10 Questions to Ask Before Opening a Studio

by Alyse Mason Brill
Fitness Entrepreneur: Discover what you need to know to create your own space.

A Back-Pain Solution

by Ryan Halvorson
Client Success Story: A combination of core strengthening and Thai boxing helped Jessica relieve severe back pain.

Creative Ideas That Inspire

by Judy Meyer
Buzz: Show members how mixing up their workouts with hybrid classes and new variations on a theme can help them reach their goals.

Asian Black Rice Salad

by Sandy Todd Webster

Sample Class: Farmhand Fitness

by Ryan Halvorson
Class Take-Out: Integrate these full-body movements into your class to boost functional strength and power.

Coping With Instructor Burnout

by Cathie Ericson
Skills and Drills: Participants aren't the only ones who need to take a break from time to time.

Alcohol - Health

by Joy Keller, Judy Meyer

From the Couch to Conditioning

by Brett Klika
Ignite: Learn how to engage kids and improve their physical literacy during the warm-up.