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Circuit for Short Attention Spans

by Crick Nelson
Reach children by teaching classes they relate to.
A circuit-style format is very effective with kids. They can always look ahead to the next station to remind themselves what comes next, and if they don't like a particular station they know it's over in a minute. This will keep their attention and focus ...

Recipe for Health: Vivacious Vegan Tacos!

by Sandy Todd Webster
Here is an easy, inexpensive and nutritious weeknight meal that will fortify you and your loved ones and set you up right for a good workout the next morning. Consider inviting a few friends over for a vegan taco party. Encourage everyone to use no more ...

Top Fitness Facility Amenities

by Joy Keller, Jessica L. Cline

Functional Training for Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Did you know that a woman's body will change more in 9 months of pregnancy than a man's will in his lifetime-and that you need an exercise program to match the transformation? So says maternal exercise expert Farel Hruska, national ...

Cert by Selfie

by Amanda Vogel, MA
Anyone with an attractive body and an urge to show it off can become an instant expert thanks to social media. This has pluses and minuses for fitness professionals.
Surf around on any of the major social media networks these days-Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and especially Instagram-and you'll likely get an eyeful of fitness selfies: photos of chiseled physiques or people staging "caught in the moment" ...

Leveraging Change in the Workplace

by Cedric X. Bryant, PhD, FACSM
Bridging the Gap: Gregory Florez discusses how, for many, the occupational environment is both the cause of and the solution to obesity.
Gregory Florez is the founder and CEO of V2 Performance, a premier vitality education and performance coaching firm for leaders. Through keynote speaking engagements, customized workshops and seminars, and one-on-one vitality coaching, Florez and his team ...

A Bundle of Extras to Close the Year

by Kathie Davis, Peter Davis, CEO
Happy holidays! We hope you are looking back on 2014 with as much joy as we are. This year marked the birth of our first grandchild, Phoebe, and many other exciting milestones- including our largest and most successful IDEA World Fitness ...

Smiles From the 2014 IDEA World Fitness Convention(tm)

Wow. In a word, that's how I feel. I've been an IDEA member for 15 years. IDEA World Fitness is always outstanding, but this year was different. There was something in the air, and the only thing I could boil it down to was the word happy! Everyone ...

Creative Ideas That Inspire

by Jessica L. Cline
Buzz: Bring in new members with a wide variety of offerings.
Ageless Champions Boot Camp, offered at Inwood Athletic Club in Joliet, Illinois, focuses on improving strength, balance, agility, mobility and stability in people over 50. The class is held four times a week for 45 minutes, and each day focuses on a ...

5 Fascinating Facts We Learned on IDEA FitFeed This Week

by Jessica L. Cline
Week: 10/18/14 to 10/24/14
Staying up to date on the latest health and fitness news is important for all health and fitness professionals, but the constant stream of new information can make this challenging. That is where IDEA FitFeed comes into play. This ...