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IDEA Trainer Success Goes Digital in February 2010!

by Nicki Anderson
Alexandra Williams Design Patera Publisher and CEO Peter Davis Executive Director Kathie Davis IDEA Health - Fitness Association 10455 Pacific Center Court San Diego, California 92121-4339 Phone: (858) 535-8979 or (800) ...

From a Fitness Client to a Wellbeing

by Jim Gavin, PhD, Margaret Moore, MBA
Coaching through the lens of consciousness.
Robert Kegan, Ken Wilber, Clare Graves, Susanne Cook-Greuter, Jenny Wade, William Torbert, Don Beck and Christopher Cowan extended our purview of adult evolutionary changes by generating detailed maps of the patterns of values, thoughts, ...

Music Affects Heart Rate

by Shirley Archer, JD, MA
laboratories at William Beaumont Hospitals in Michigan and a spokesman for the American Heart Association, commented, "[The researchers] were able to see modest changes in all variables. As a clinician, one who works with people with ...

Fighting the Good Fight

by Sandy Todd Webster
urge you-to read the feature story "The Wellness Culture: Self-Responsibility at Last," by Alexandra Williams, MA, starting on page 28. Even after 27 years of IDEA members and like-minded professionals across the country ...

The Fat-Burning Zone

by Jason Karp, PhD
Ex Rx: Myths, facts and suggestions for burning fat faster and more efficiently.
of rest. Not only does interval training allow clients to improve their fitness quickly; it is also more effective than continuous exercise for burning lots of calories during exercise and increasing clients' postworkout metabolic rate. Treuth, Hunter ...

Can You Go the Distance . . . to Better Health?

by Michelle G. Kulovitz, Len Kravitz, PhD
Research: Is there something about marathoners that makes them physiologically and medically different?
Williams, P.T. 2009. Lower prevalence of hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and diabetes in marathoners. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 41(3), 523-29. Although marathoners train and compete for numerous reasons, a common ...

Short-Burst Training

by Tina Schwager
Ex Rx: High-intensity, short-duration interval workouts are a new frontier in fitness and sports training.
- Science in Sports - Exercise comparing endurance- and interval-trained subjects showed that "the interval group burned more fat during exercise . . . [and] exhibited increased fat burning effects that persisted for 24 hours after the exercise had ...

Exercise Eases Anger in Kids

by Ryan Halvorson
in Motion Stay in Motion," by Alexandra Williams, MA, February 2008 IDEA Fitness Journal "Training Kids and Adolescents," by Natalie Digate Muth, MPH, May 2006 IDEA Fitness Journal

Cardiovascular Disease and the Mind-Body Connection

by Larry Cammarata, PhD
Relax your body and calm your mind for a longer, healthier life.
, such as blood lipid profiles, body mass index and cigarette usage. Williams (1993) notes that "hostility, lack of social support, and high job stress increase the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease and dying from it ...

iPhone Tracks Heart Rates

by Ryan Halvorson
people would agree that the single most important metric to monitor is heart rate," states Michael Williams, founder and CEO of iTMP. "At iTMP, we are really excited to introduce the first iPhone health and fitness apps that allow the ...