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Secrets of Successful Strength Training

of effective physical conditioning. The key to successful strength training lies in varying the training stimuli, says William J. Kraemer, PhD, professor of applied physiology at the Pennsylvania State University's Laboratory for Sports ...

Foot Type: Choosing Shoes

Want to enjoy a lifetime of exercise? Make sure you wear the shoes that best suit your feet. Shoes are made for all types of feet and actions, and knowing your foot type can aid you in selecting shoes that will help prevent injury. ...

30 Essential Pieces of Equipment for the Successful Personal Training Studio

by Ryan Halvorson
IDEA authors, experts and colleagues share insights on top training-tool picks.
, incidentally, those of the body and legs; they expand the chest and induce full and regular respiration; they impart firmness of balance and grace of motion,” author William Brisbane Dick wrote in Dick’s Dumb-bell and ...

Brain Stimulation Across Lifespan May Reduce Dementia

by Shirley Archer, JD, MA
cognitively active in later life. Study authors noted, however, that participating in cognitive activities later in life was also valuable. "There is no downside to cognitive activity," said principal investigator William J. Jagust, MD, ...

The Significant 7: Principles of Functional Training for Mature Adults

by Cody Sipe, PhD, Dan Ritchie, PhD
Take an educated, purposeful approach when designing programs for a special population that is growing in size and needs focused attention.
, always begin with an appropriate pre-exercise evaluation that includes a thorough health history and functional assessment. Just the knowledge that Jane has had a hip replacement, George has peripheral neuropathy from diabetes, William ...

Hiring? Use Social Media!

by Alexandra Williams, MA
emphasizes connections. In my own case (@AlexandraFunFit), many of my followers are women and men who have lost a lot of weight or have overcome major obstacles. Going through the process, they have gained a love of exercise and a desire ...

Top Twitter(r) Tips

by Ryan Halvorson
owners log on to market services and generate profits. "I have found Twitter to be helpful in enhancing my credentials and reputation with fitness consumers," says Alexandra Williams, MA, IDEA author and co-creator of ...

Recruiting Staff via Social Media

by Alexandra Williams, MA
Extend your reach and expand your hiring potential.
is to interact and stay connected. Twitter in particular emphasizes connections. In my own case (@AlexandraFunFit), many of my followers are women and men who have lost a lot of weight or have overcome major obstacles. Going through the ...

Bone Up on Bone Health

by Ryan Halvorson
program will help us ensure that our patients with fragility fractures are screened and appropriately treated for osteoporosis," stated William Macaulay, chief of the Division of Adult Reconstruction and director of the Center for Hip ...

Creative Ideas That Inspire

by Joy Keller
Buzz: Explore the many different ways you can touch people's lives with movement.
and posture." Participants use a range of equipment, including free weights, medicine balls, The Body Bar(r), resistance bands and steps. Mat work is a mandatory part of this class, which is specifically geared toward the prevention of osteoporosis. IDEA ...