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Web Buzz: Compensation for Personal Trainers

The decline in average income for personal trainers is the direct result of the garbage being put out by ... corporate gyms. [Some of these] clubs have subcontracted out their personal training programs to companies who hire fast-talking salesstaff (many ...

Creative Ideas That Inspire

by Joy Keller
Buzz: Dance, jump and find no limits to what you can offer.
The Sanford Health and Wellness Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, reminds members to bump against their edges with No Limits. This athletic-based cardio/strength class is "simple, easy to follow, yet demanding" and takes participants through a journey ...

Breaking Into Fitness Writing

by April Durrett
Profit Center: Boost your career-and earn extra money-by becoming a published fitness writer.
As a fitness professional, you've read hundreds of articles on health and fitness-many in professional publications like IDEA Fitness Journal and others in general magazines like Shape or Health. Who writes these articles? Famous fitness pros? ...

Fiber - Digestive Health for Active People of All Ages

by Pamela Nisevich, MS, RD, LD
As our knowledge of this macronutrient evolves, it continues to reveal myriad benefits.
As a dietitian who specializes in sports, I work with athletes of all ages and abilities. Some athletes eat a stellar diet, while others have much room for improvement. Regardless of their diets or abilities, athletes often arrive at my office with one of ...

Mother Nature's Gym

by , Melanie Webb
Ex Rx: Science is discovering the benefits of exercising outdoors. Here's a look at ways to add outdoor activities to exercise programming.
Marie was a client who had long suffered from anxiety. I'd discovered years ago that a walk outside before a strength training workout calmed and focused her mind, resulting in a more effective workout for her and a more positive experience for both of ...

Music Licensing Mayhem: How Will Fees Affect YOU?

by Alexandra Williams, MA
Recent rulings and hearings about the cost of playing music in fitness facilities could have worldwide implications.
In May 2010, the Copyright Tribunal of Australia handed down a ruling regarding the use of original-artist music in group exercise classes. This ruling raises the license fee from just under a dollar per class to approximately $15 per class-a 1,500% ...

Interval Training: The New and Better Way to Train Your Clients?

by Jason Karp, PhD
Ex Rx: There are many advantages to interval training.
There has been a lot of commotion lately about interval training. Once the training secret of the world's best runners, interval training has gained some buzz in the fitness industry. While many athletes used interval training in the first half of the ...

Fueling Athletes for Training and Competition

by Jacqueline Berning, PhD, RD, CSSD
Nutrition: Nutrition recommendations for before, during and after workouts or competitive events.
Some of the questions most frequently asked of sports dietitians deal with food and fluid consumption before, during and after exercise. Indeed, athletes are bombarded with nutrition misinformation, resulting in confusion about what they should eat or ...

Most Memorable Moments

by Amanda Vogel, MA
Members, staff and friends recall the "little bursts of joy" that have made IDEA meaningful to them over the past 30 years.
Whether you've just joined IDEA, have been with us for a few years or are proud to say you were an inaugural member (that's 30 years together!), you're bound to have memories attached to your IDEA experiences. Perhaps your favorite is a special friendship ...

Performance Training for Masters Athletes

by Pete McCall, MS
Numbering in the tens of millions, active adults aged 35 and older represent a wealth of opportunities for personal trainers.
Speak with enough personal trainers at the start of their careers and you'll quickly notice a common aspiration: They want to train professional athletes. Of course it's fine to dream big, but it's important to remember that professional athletes are ...