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Keep It Green

by Kristen Horler
How to implement environmentally friendly practices in your work.
. Install one in your home, as well, to save energy when you are at work. As for paint or flooring, here is what Steve Ellis, co-owner of MyGreen Buildings LLC in Sarasota, Florida, recommends: -Use paint that is zero VOC [has no volatile organic ...

Creative Ideas That Inspire

by Joy Keller
Buzz: Bring people together with classes that spark purpose and passion.
a positive mindset." IDEA member Lesa Williams, owner of MIX studio in San Diego, created The MIX Technique(tm) for her clientele. The 60-minute workout blends elements of ballet barre, floor barre, Pilates and yoga. "The goal is to ...

2011 IDEA World Fitness Awards Finalists

by April Durrett
Honoring the accomplishments of veteran fitness pros.
the IDEA World Fitness Awards applications: Biray Alsac Lashaun Dale Eve Fleck Janice Hutton Darren Jacobson Karen Jashinsky Scott Josephson Carol Murphy Christine Romani-Ruby Jonathan Ross Cindy Stokes Zoey Trap Peter Twist Amanda Vogel ...

Web Buzz: Compensation for Personal Trainers

' lives. And to all IDEA members and members of the fitness community, I challenge you to meet me at the IDEA World Fitness Convention(tm) in Los Angeles this August, because I'll bring the FIRE! See you there! William Arrufat Personal ...

Creative Ideas That Inspire

by Joy Keller
Buzz: Dance, jump and find no limits to what you can offer.
to the latest music in Flirty Dance Fitness. According to the online schedule, this all-levels workout "is full of sweat and sensuality and is sure to empower your body and mind." The program director at Hobart and William Smith Colleges ...

Breaking Into Fitness Writing

by April Durrett
Profit Center: Boost your career-and earn extra money-by becoming a published fitness writer.
is an efficient way to get your name out to a lot of consumers and professionals without buying any ad space, notes Alexandra Williams, MA, a writer in Santa Barbara, California, and a blogger at "If ...

Fiber - Digestive Health for Active People of All Ages

by Pamela Nisevich, MS, RD, LD
As our knowledge of this macronutrient evolves, it continues to reveal myriad benefits.
-old child should consume 9 g of fiber per day) (Williams, Bollella - Wynder 1995). On food packages, dietary fiber is listed on the Nutrition Facts panel, which recommends 25 g of dietary fiber as the daily intake for a person following ...

Music Licensing Mayhem: How Will Fees Affect YOU?

by Alexandra Williams, MA
Recent rulings and hearings about the cost of playing music in fitness facilities could have worldwide implications.
artists and record companies for use of their recorded music. The proposed tariff (Tariff 6) would apply to the period January 1, 2008, through January 1, 2012 (Re:Sound 2010). According to Maureen Hagan, vice president of operations for GoodLife Fitness ...

Interval Training: The New and Better Way to Train Your Clients?

by Jason Karp, PhD
Ex Rx: There are many advantages to interval training.
max with 2-minute rest periods) than after continuous exercise (60 minutes at 50% VO2max) (Treuth, Hunter - Williams 1996). The more intense the workout is, the greater and longer the postworkout elevation in metabolism (expressed as the ...

Fueling Athletes for Training and Competition

by Jacqueline Berning, PhD, RD, CSSD
Nutrition: Nutrition recommendations for before, during and after workouts or competitive events.
consumed before exercise should contain 6%-8% CHO (60-80 grams CHO per liter) and 110-165 milligrams of sodium per 8-ounce (oz) serving (Chryssanthopoulos and Williams 1997; Chryssanthopoulos et al. 2002). 3. The volume of the preworkout ...