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Women, Alcohol and the Snack Attack

by Sandy Todd Webster
that alcohol exposure sensitizes the brain's response to food aromas. The research, led by William J. A. Eiler II, PhD, of the Indiana University School of Medicine's departments of medicine and neurology, showed that a higher food ...

The Secrets to Behavior Change: Principles and Practice

by Natalie Digate Muth, MD, MPH, RDN, FAAP
Let go of the need to be an “expert,” truly listen to clients and help them create small miracles in their lives.
is not effective. In fact, when asked what one tip he would share about behavior change, William R. Miller, PhD, a psychologist and cofounder of Motivational Interviewing, replied by email: “I suppose it would be that unhealthy ...

Are You in Denial About Your Chronic Pain?

by Peter Davis, CEO, Kathie Davis
, according to the American Chronic Pain Association, is "pain that continues when it should not," writes author Alexandra Williams, MA. "More than 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain, and approximately ...

Seven Trends Coming to a Meal Near You

by Alexandra Williams, MA
Sponsored Content: Nutritionists and fitness pros offer clues to staying abreast of clients' ever-changing dietary habits.
, but cautions that eating based on DNA testing requires a concomitant conversation about epigenetics.


Known for many years as a pediatrics author, Dr. William Sears cowrote the book Prime-Time ...

What You Don't Know About Food Labeling Could Undermine Your Health

by Megan Senger
Learn more about the nuances of food marketing and what front-of-package labels may not be telling you.
is the author of Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life (William Morrow 2014). Front-of-package claims "cause us to believe the food product is much more healthy than it actually is," says Wansink. And health claim ...

Social Media and Body Image: A Complicated Relationship

by Amanda Vogel, MA
Unless fitness professionals use awareness and conscious action, #fitspo may be a "perfect storm" for negativity, comparison and self-loathing.
of dissatisfaction about appearance and body image (Smith, Hames and Joiner 2013). A second study (Hummel and Smith in press), led by graduate student Alexandra Hummel and (at press time) slated for publication in the International ...

5 Fascinating Facts We Learned on IDEA FitFeed This Week

by Judy Meyer
says maintaining a healthy weight is an important factor in preventing certain cancers in women, including breast, ovarian and cervical cancers. View the full article here. PHOTOGRAPHY: Gareth Williams 4. Yoga May Reduce Heart Disease ...

5 Fascinating Facts We Learned on IDEA FitFeed This Week

by Judy Meyer
here. PHOTOGRAPHY: WILLIAM ISMAEL To view more top health, fitness and nutrition news articles, visit IDEA FitFeed.

5 Fascinating Facts We Learned on IDEA FitFeed This Week

by Judy Meyer
. The participants used a mobile app to detail their moods, motivation stress and fatigue. After walking, respondents reported feeling "enthusiastic, less tense and generally more relaxed." View the full article here. PHOTOGRAPHY: Gareth ...

The Mythology of Modern-Day Dieting

by Yoni Freedhoff, MD
Feature: Help Clients to Trade Suffering, Sacrifice and Struggle in Dieting for the Skills of Organization, Planning and Thoughtfulness.
into the Swiss Alps for the privilege of being assigned their own personal cow whose freshly milked udders provided their sole source of sustenance for 7-14 days, to William Banting's blockbuster 1864 bestseller Letter on Corpulence, to ...