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Excessive Thoracic Kyphosis: More Than Just Bad Posture

by Justin Price, MA
Somatic Health: Stress, environment and many exercises can contribute to a hunched-over effect.

How to Set and Keep Healthy Professional Boundaries

by Cathie Ericson
Conscious Career: Don't let an inappropriate comment or interaction negatively affect your career.

Building Self-Efficacy in Overweight and Obese Clients

by Elizabeth Kovar
Health Coach: Use short-term goals, partner games, open-ended questions and positive reinforcement to work through clients' difficulties.

Lifestyle Medicine: An Emerging Medical Specialty

by Megan Senger, Joy Keller
Feature: It's becoming more likely that fitness professionals will partner with physicians who understand, embrace and prescribe exercise as medicine.

Fascia and Function in a Changing World

by Joy Keller
Personal trainers broke through personal and professional barriers at the 2015 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute(tm) East.

Mind-Body Moves for Kids

by Shirley Archer, JD, MA