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health and fitness articles

Avoid Distractions and Maximize Productivity

by Amanda Vogel, MA
Problem Solver: Learn how to put on the blinders and build a stronger, more productive business.

Trainer Tech: Six Software Apps to Improve Your Business

by Ashley Ray
Client Management: These programs and apps can ease admin stress and help you build a stronger client relationship.

7 Steps to Business Happiness

by Jill Coleman
Professional Development: Learn to manage a successful business that makes you happy, not crazy.

How to Make More Money: The Art of Repurposing

by Carrie Myers Smith
Money: Leverage previously developed programs and content by repurposing it into other profitable products.

The Best Advice You've Never Heard on Small-Group Training

by Megan Senger
Small-Group Training: Learn the tricks of the trade from some of the most successful leaders in small-group training.

Total Joint Replacement: Knee and Hip

by Catherine Logan, MD, MSPT, MBA
When symptomatic osteoarthritis requires arthroplasty, it's crucial to know how best to help clients and to work with allied health professionals.