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Evolve Your Yoga Lesson Plans

by Joy Keller
Somatic Health: These 5 tips will keep your yoga classes contemporary, smart and challenging.

Healthy Diet, Healthy Skin

by Martina M. Cartwright, PhD, RD
Nourishment: Diets rich in certain nutrients may boost youthfulness from the inside out.

The Elephant in Your Brain

by John Berardi, PhD, Krista Scott-Dixon, PhD
Health Coach: How do you inspire both hemispheres of the brain?

Teaching Through Sadness

by Krista Popowych, BHK
Feature: A combination of self-care and focus on others can help you stay professional during tough times.

Helping a Client With Gait Dysfunction

by Ryan Halvorson
Client Transformation: A personal trainer helps his client improve her ability to walk and move forward with other activities of daily living.

5 Fascinating Facts We Learned on IDEA FitFeed This Week

by Jessica L. Cline
Week: 11/8/14 to 11/14/14

Understanding Iron-Deficiency Anemia - Sports Anemia

by , Amelia M. Weaver, Len Kravitz, PhD
Research: Endurance exercise does not make people anemic, but it can deplete the body's iron stores.