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health and fitness articles

Circuit for Short Attention Spans

by Crick Nelson
Reach children by teaching classes they relate to.

Top Fitness Facility Amenities

by Joy Keller, Jessica L. Cline

Sample Class: Twisted!

by Eve Fleck, MS
Class Take-Out: Target trunk stability and rotational strength in this focused class.

Cert by Selfie

by Amanda Vogel, MA
Anyone with an attractive body and an urge to show it off can become an instant expert thanks to social media. This has pluses and minuses for fitness professionals.

Leveraging Change in the Workplace

by Cedric X. Bryant, PhD, FACSM
Bridging the Gap: Gregory Florez discusses how, for many, the occupational environment is both the cause of and the solution to obesity.

A Bundle of Extras to Close the Year

by Kathie Davis, Peter Davis, CEO

Creative Ideas That Inspire

by Jessica L. Cline
Buzz: Bring in new members with a wide variety of offerings.