Best fitness event of the year—hands down! I come back very educated and inspired every year!
—Eddie Henry


I was a fitness instructor before 2013 when I first attended the 31st IDEA world fitness convention,and after attending the 33rd convention,i am now a fitness proffessional. Thank you IDEA WORLD FITNESS ASSOCIATION


IDEA is the pinnacle conference for our industry. I look forward to connecting with thought leaders and exploring new research and programming that will spark and influence ideas for the next year. The presenters are world class, the event team is remarkable and the inspiration is unparalleled.


As an assistant I was able to volunteer with a great team and go to the conference. I met new friends and contacts as well as made built lifelong relationships with old acquaintances. Being able to meet presenters as an assistant was exciting and humbling at the sometime. My favorite classes were Peter Twist, Stacy La Krause and Don Brahman. The Urban party was a blast and the Assistant party was even better. See you next year.
—Heidi Smith


Each year I attend IDEA, the high quality education, professionalism and energy given by the presenters, astounds me. It's like a drug, I keep coming back for more to see me through the rest of the year!
—Patricia Tyler


The IDEA staff I worked with were extraordinary - always kind and welcoming and never frazzled despite the pressure of organizing such a large event. This was my first year attending and my first time being a volunteer Assistant and Marsha and Marco made it an awesome experience. Very grateful for the opportunity to attend this event!


Attending IDEA World is a must. You will absolutely take home something valuable from every single session as well as have a new fire ignighed within


It's important to me that I receive good value for my dollars spent. The IDEA World Fitness Convention was well worth every penny of my registration and travel expense. I've come away with great ideas to implement and I was sparked to develop a few new ideas of my own. It's a very inspiring event.
—Stephanie Lee


Yes, I was INSPIRED, I did some connecting, I was TRANSFORMED, and the excitement I feel has REBOOTED/REGENERATED me. BTW, my students are loving my classes.
—Wendy Loew-Mari