Independence from Mediocrity

After a pretty gloomy July 4th here in San Diego (which I was fine with, actually), the show of all shows -- the one we've been working on all year with much determination and thrill -- opened its doors wide for the preconference and expo preview.I have to tell you; it's already rocking here. The vibe is incredible. Thirty years of health and fitness education, camaraderie and lasting friendships have culminated in an event that is sure to create real fireworks, which is more than the city of San Diego can say for its lackluster fireworks display last night (Google it).

So You Think You Know it All?

One of the most dangerous sentences I've heard fitness professionals utter is "I don't need to go to conferences because I already know everything." If you don't have the money or time, that's one thing. But please, oh please, never think you know it all. If you know everything there is to know about training people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and persuasions, then why aren't you teaching the rest of us how to solve the world's health problems? In case you haven't noticed, people are getting fatter and sicker. Yeah, that's right -- in spite of how awesome you are.

Challenging Convention

This conference is designed to create light bulbs. It's designed to shift mindsets and pose questions. However, this year there was a definite rebellious bent. Each session I attended challenged conventional wisdom. From the importance of core training and corrective exercise to current common business practices to calorie obsessionl, this year seemed focus on rethinking what is thought of as truth. 

30 Cheers for 30 Years

 Today is Monday, the day following 4 days of the most rich and fun IDEA World Fitness Convention I’ve ever attended. I am both exhausted and elated.This morning I woke up with flecks of glittery eye makeup still clinging to my face, reminders of the great parties I attended during the weekend. The makeup will wash off, but the inner sparkle I gained over four days of pure atomic energy from 6,000 attendees hailing from more than 80 countries is permanently engraved inside me. What a wild and fun ride this one was!