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The top trending headlines that 250,000 health & fitness experts think you should know today!

  1. Workout nutrition illustrated. What to eat before, during, and after exercise.

    What to eat before, during, and after exercise. By John Berardi and Brian St. Pierre We all know that what you eat is important. But so is when you eat, especially if you're active. That's why, in this infographic, we share what to eat before, during, and after exercise. Notes: 1.

  2. Intermittent Fasting: A Primer

    If you haven’t had a client ask about it yet, you will soon. Intermittent fasting has hit the mainstream, and a lot of peo- ple are taking notice. Proponents claim that intermittent fasting causes more rapid weight loss than other approaches; that it makes dieting easier; and that it improves blood glucose control and blood lipids. Does th...

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  3. How much sugar is in your food?

    In our modern and fast-paced lives, it may be difficult to keep a healthy balance of nutrients in our food. Sugar is one of these nutrients, and the cells in our body would die without it. Consuming too much sugar, however, raises the risk of several problems, including poor dental health, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

  4. How Much Protein Should You Eat—and When?

    Researchers find we’re eating too much protein at the wrong times—and not enough at the right times.

  5. Functional Training for Pregnancy

    Are you pregnant? Did you know that a woman’s body will change more in 9 months of pregnancy than a man’s will in his lifetime—and that you need an exercise program to match the transfor- mation? So says maternal exercise expert Farel Hruska, national fitness director of FIT4MOM® (a brand that includes Stroller Strides®) i...

  6. Top Fitness Instructors: What’s Their Secret?

    In many sports the Most Valuable Player, or MVP, award is one of the most coveted. MVPs create big plays or big numbers—so picking candidates for the award isn't too difficult. It may not be as simple to choose the MVPs among your group exercise instructors. First, there are no winners or losers in group exercise; ideally, we’re all try...

  7. When Will I See Results?

    Has a client ever asked you, "How many times a week should I do Pilates?" You may have answered, "It depends." Truthfully, both the question and the response are loaded. Many things factor into the ideal Pilates program, including the client’s fitness level and goals. While some use Pilates for rehabilitation, other popular goals include incr...

  8. Empower Your Evaluations

    Welcome to part three of our five-part “Crash Course in Excellence” series with takeaway strategies. This article explores performance reviews in the fitness environment, especially the often overlooked piece of the puzzle called “bilateral evaluations.”

  9. Instructors With Class

    Have you forgotten your roots? Did you become a group fitness instructor because you loved taking classes? Once you become a teacher, you sometimes lose touch with that spark of joy you felt in the beginning. Sure, you may attend continuing education workshops, but you don’t even think about attending classes in your own facility. Maybe it&rs...

  10. Cycle to Work Day

    Cycle to Work Day is on Wednesday the 15th of August. Read blogs to discover more about the day and find out how to get you and your workplace involved!

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      Today is 'cycle to work day'. Hopefully that means that more than just those that normally cycle to work will...

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  11. Fitness-Oriented Gym Classes Better Than Traditional

    In the quest to stave off childhood obesity, schools may want to modify traditional physical education classes to be more fitness and lifestyle oriented. That’s the take-home message that a recent study imparted in the October issue of Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine (2005;159, 963–68). Researchers at the University of...

  12. Conducting a Winning Orientation

  13. Eating a Better Breakfast

    The alarm rings and you press “snooze” one time too many. By the time you roll out of bed, you think it’s too late for break- fast so you don’t eat. While some people do skip breakfast on a regular basis, it’s not a good idea. The potential perils include a more sluggish metabolism as the body shifts into starvation-re...

  14. HIIT for Endurance Training? Really?

    We hear lots about high-intensity interval training these days, but one of the most fascinating things about HIIT is its ability to help athletes improve their performance in endurance events. HIIT and Endurance Performance

  15. Workplace Workouts

    How can fitness professionals help desk jockeys boost their daily activity levels? Perhaps it’s time to change the message. Instead of focusing on the risks of inactivity—which hasn’t made much headway —maybe we should appeal to career-oriented sensibilities and explain how even 5 minutes of movement can make people more suc...

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