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  1. How Much Protein Should You Eat—and When?

    Researchers find we’re eating too much protein at the wrong times—and not enough at the right times.

  2. Intermittent Fasting: A Primer

    If you haven’t had a client ask about it yet, you will soon. Intermittent fasting has hit the mainstream, and a lot of peo- ple are taking notice. Proponents claim that intermittent fasting causes more rapid weight loss than other approaches; that it makes dieting easier; and that it improves blood glucose control and blood lipids. Does th...

  3. The Physiology of Fat Loss

    Fat may seem like the enemy of civilized people—especially sedentary ones. Yet we cannot live without it. Fat plays a key role in the structure and flexibility of cell membranes, and it helps regulate the movement of substances through those membranes. Special types of fat, known as eicosanoids, send hormone-like signals that exert intrica...

  4. Eating a Better Breakfast

    The alarm rings and you press “snooze” one time too many. By the time you roll out of bed, you think it’s too late for break- fast so you don’t eat. While some people do skip breakfast on a regular basis, it’s not a good idea. The potential perils include a more sluggish metabolism as the body shifts into starvation-re...

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  5. The 3D Booty: Training the Glutes for Form and Function

    Booties, butts, glutes and rumps. Our fascination with enhancing our posterior spans the training spectrum, from the aesthetic-focused client to the performance-driven athlete. Yes, we want our backsides to look better, but we also need them to function more effectively, judging from the increasing number of knee and low-back injuries (Hoy et al. 2...

  6. Protein: How Much Is Too Much?

    Protein is the latest item to be given the health halo effect, a phenomenon that leads people to overestimate the healthfulness of a food based on one quality. With customers convinced that protein-rich foods will help them lose weight, boost energy or bulk up (Nassauer 2013), food manufacturers have capitalized on the halo effect by creating new p...

  7. 6 Simple Swaps for More Mindful Eating

    Replace clients' mindless eating with mindless eating solutions for everyday life.

  8. Proven Benefits of Pilates

    Did you know that Pilates continues to grow in popularity, and its practice is now familiar to people around the world? Maybe you’ve already experienced the effectiveness of Pilates or are thinking about taking lessons. Good news! Researchers have proven certain benefits of this form of exercise. Shirley Archer, JD, MA, 2008 IDEA Fitness I...

  9. Protein Today: Are Consumers Getting Too Much of a Good Thing?

    Sales of foods with “protein” on the label are skyrocketing, and new product launches of high-protein foods are soaring (Stagnito Media 2013). American shoppers want more protein in everything from cereals to snack foods, but in a society where protein intake is already adequate, are consumers getting too much of a good thing? Nutriti...

  10. Spotlight on Detox Diets

    It may seem like everyone you know has tried a detox diet lately. Although regimens vary, these diets generally involve a juice fast lasting days or weeks and often include a “cleanse” with limited food and/or “detoxifying” supplements. Serving up a small allotment of calories can produce dramatic weight loss, which makes de...

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  11. How HIIT Helps Endurance Athletes Improve Performance

    Why short bursts of extreme exercise pay off in long-distance events like marathons and triathlons.

  12. Fight Aging by Training the Brain

    Adding mental exercises to physical training can go a long way toward helping people age gracefully. Research backs this up. Because the brain controls the body (and not the other way around), brain training adds an often-overlooked opportunity to improve quality of life for almost everyone.

  13. Creating Better Breakfast Habits

    Each morning is a clean slate and an opportunity to start fresh. As fitness professionals, we know that making healthy breakfast choices can set the tone for the rest of the day. Because it can be difficult to make drastic changes all at once, consider asking your clients to concentrate on fine tuning their breakfast habits just one or two days a ...

  14. Training the Pelvic Core

    "I wish someone had told me this could happen to my body after having a baby!" . . . "Why did my doctor tell me I could return to exercise at my 6–week checkup?"

  15. Exercise Selection: Maximizing Activated Muscle Mass

    Resistance training can be a big help to people who either have type 2 diabetes or are at risk of developing it. Ideally, trainers should combine cardiovascular and resistance training to help clients prevent or manage type 2 diabetes, but cardiovascular exercise isn’t always a good fit. In those cases, resistance training may be the only o...

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