Fitness Specialties (formerlyThe Fitness Studio Lonsdale) Colorado

6310 Pemberton Way
Colorado Springs, CO 80919


Fitness That Fits You ! Classes, Personal Training, Group Workshops - all for you in the local area! Variety of formats, times, days of the week, Certified Instructors and Trainers to choose from. See our Website and Facebook listing for up to date details, call us or email. Classes : Cardio Ki... more less

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Facility Size
3,000 sq. ft.
Price of Membership (monthly)
$81 - $90
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1 review
On May 07, 2013
Just finished the "Complete a 5k' Program ! I have already completed 2 5k's and shed 4 " since January. Breathing is getting easier - I am beginning to get this 'pacing thing' your certified trainer talked about. Thanks Fitness Studio Lonsdale!

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