Live-In Weight Loss Residence

620 Via Colmo Avenue
Henderson, NV 89011


Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Residential Weight Loss Retreat is directed by Debra Stefan since 2008. Clients stay for a 1-week minimum to 16 weeks for 24/7-lifestyle coaching. Debra is the first to offer a live-in residential style program outside of the institutional format. She is a fitness speaker, ... more less
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5000 sq. ft.
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1 review
john c
On Jan 03, 2013
When I met Debra I never thought I'd be in shape, much less athletic again. I had gotten to the point where I couldn't play golf properly, it was an effort to get up out of bed in the morning or even bend over to tie my shoes. Debra changed my life. She is a supportive, inspiring coach, mentor and teacher. There are a variety of exercises and routines to follow. If one routine doesn't work for a client she finds another one to do that makes the same impact. She is there the whole time - a real 24/7 teacher and coach. She inspires you so much with her passion to make you achieve your goals, in my case, I couldn't help but succeed. And she reminded me about what I forgot from my parents years ago about nutrition. If you do a lot of business travel you don't keep a regime about what you eat. Debra gives you boundaries as what you can and should eat, even if you are on a busy schedule. This isn't just a week, two or three course. Debra gives you lessons on how you should exercise, eat and live that are sustainable, and not just the latest exercise / diet fad. I recommend her highly.

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