3D Fitness

4507 Kelvin Drive
Houston, TX 77005


Welcome to 3D Fitness! We offer personalized fitness training, post-rehab and functional training, Barre classes, and Pilates! We also have Golf Performance Specialized training, accredited by Nike Golf and the Gray Institute. Get results fast, safely, and have fun in the process. There's nothin... more less

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Facility Size
1500 sq. ft.
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No membership fee
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1 review
Lisa Weigand
On Apr 30, 2013
3D Fitness is more than just a gym. Take the guesswork out of your work-out and train with knowledgeable professionals eager to move you up to the next fitness level! Get moving in 3D ---the 3 Dimensions of the real world where you were designed to thrive. Release sore or tight muscles with gentle movement patterns and/or Sports and Thai Massage. Get back to loving fitness again!

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