Your Very First Workout!

by Carrie Harper


Are you ready to start something new? Have you been away from fitness for a while? Start here!

About the Presenter

Carrie Harper

Carrie Harper IDEA Author/Presenter

As a fitness visionary, I design products to help people with issues that could block them from their ideal life. An example would be the Flat Belly System, my best selling system that is helping people worldwide improve or sometimes completely heal their Diastasis Recti. As a Team Leader, I help people Launch or Grow their personal Fitness Brands. Regardless of background, I believe everyone has a space in the health and fitness world, if they are just willing to share their story and journey with another human. As a PiYo Live Master Trainer, I teach PiYo certifications and mentor and train PiYo Live Instructors. As a live fitness professional, I help people discover their internal drive. I guide people through a fitness plan that pushes them to discover new boundaries in their own personal fitness and lives.