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Wood Chop WarmUp and WorkOut

by Debra Stefan


Wood Chops are a dynamic multi-muscle, multi-joint movement for warming up and also working out. Warm up without weight, then add weight as described in this instructional video clip by Debra Stefan.

About the Presenter

Debra Stefan

Debra Stefan IDEA Author/Presenter

My early beginning in yoga ignited a passion for teaching wellness that evolved over 40 years. I have served at member facilities, universities, private client homes and my own studio. Since 2008, I offer services from my own home. Inspired by The Biggest Loser, my door is open to live-in and day camp clients. Seeking all forms of fitness, weight loss and wellness, clients stay weeks to months. Range is from six-pack seekers to extremely obese and up to 80 years old. From across the nation and the globe, live-in clients travel to sunny Nevada. They all have one common goal to live in fitness while pursuing weight loss. Two international TV shows have featured my unique outdoor workouts. The concept is simple. Eat whole foods in balanced proportion and move frequently. Live the fitness lifestyle year round. Debra Stefan Fitness residence is not open to the public.