What is Bodyware Training Center

by Albert Maldonado


A brief description of Pelham, NY's only fitness studio that is dedicated to your results

About the Presenter

Albert Maldonado

Albert Maldonado IDEA Author/Presenter

Al Maldonado has brought his unique and effective body transformation coaching methods to Pelham at Bodyware, which is not a gym, not about fancy equipment and also not about slick talking trainers, spandex-laden women or muscle-head men. Bodyware is a private personal training studio located on Fifth Avenue near Lincoln, dedicated to providing the most efficient, personalized, focused, intense and fun experience in a private, semi-private or group training setting. The main objective is to guide you to a better health & fitness lifestyle and help you maintain that for life. As Al emphatically says, “Bodyware IS about RESULTS. Bodyware IS about you! About Your SUCCESS!” Al has almost 20 years experience in personal training that has included Equinox, New York Sports,as well as managing two personal training studios in NYC and the Bronx. He will design the right pro- gram for any client from obese children to star athletes, from Wall Street executives to stay-at-home moms, from the physically/visually handicapped to warriors in their golden years. Bodyware delivers realistic solutions for real people with real needs.