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by Bridget McCarthy


What does wellness mean to you? Is it simply a matter of counting calories or just doing 'x' number of minutes or repetitions for exercise? While these things are important, there’s much more to wellness. Hello and Welcome! My name is Bridget McCarthy. Thank you for visiting my website, As Joseph Pilates said, “Breathing is the first act of life, and the last. Our very life depends on it “ Therefore, above all, learn how to breathe correctly.” Moving is the next requisite in maintaining life and supporting true health and wellness. Understanding what movement means - moving the body in harmony with the mind and emotions – provides a profound entry into the true experience of wellness. Pilates also said, “the acquirement and enjoyment of physical well-being, mental calm and spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors”. This experience of wellness is always available to us as it resides within us, around us and in all things. How you: · Breathe · how you move · how you feel · what you think · how you eat – not only what you eat · the quality of your sleep and your relationships · counting calories · and doing regular exercise are all a part of wellness! On my website, you’ll find an ever-expanding library of on demand health and wellness web services and instructions, designed to support your inherent, whole person wellness. To experience a complimentary sampling of the instruction provided, please click the Videos on the homepage of this site. Additionally, live, online or in person personal training and support is available for you or your business. Breathe, Move, Be Well. I look forward to being of service to you and your wellness!

About the Presenter

Bridget McCarthy

Bridget McCarthy IDEA Author/Presenter

Bridget McCarthy, owner of Breathe Move Be Well Pilates Holistic Center in the San Francisco Bay Area, loves inspiring and supporting holistic, joy-filled living through Pilates and other mind, body, spirit practices! As a certified Pilates instructor, certified Breema practitioner, ballet teacher, TRX and Garuda trainer, and hospice massage practitioner recognized for her warm, intelligent, effective and humorous approach, Bridget inspires people to be their best selves. Having studied many dance forms from age 5 in Los Angeles, ballet at New York City Ballet’s School of American Ballet at age 16, and ongoing enjoyment of yoga, tennis, rock climbing, anatomy and kinesiology, Bridget has extensive experience and understanding of how to properly and effectively work the body. With international teaching experience in the South of France, London, Italy, India and the United States, Bridget enjoys working with people in all locations and environments! Supporting herself and others in living purpose-filled and purposeful lives is Bridget’s pleasure and privilege. Connecting with our bodies to develop and celebrate our abilities in living vibrant, healthy lives is a practice Bridget loves to share with others!