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UPPER BODY WORKOUT - 10 Exercises in 10 Minutes - episode 7 with Yvette Salva

by Yvette Salva


Hi guys Welcome to 10 in 10 this weeks video will be focused on arms and upper body. The only way to get sculpted arms is to lift weights. You want to have a heavy weights. As you get stronger you will want to get maybe 10s or 15s weights. Lets get started! This weeks video: 1. Bent over row - Alternating Grip 2. In and Out Curls 3.Chest Press 4. Tricep Skull Crusher 5. Deadlift 6. Front and Side Raises 7. Dips 8. Tricep Kick Backs 9. Pushups 10. Plank with Toe Taps Equipment Needed: Dumbbells Type of Workout: Upper arms Time: 10 Minutes

About the Presenter

Yvette Salva

Yvette Salva IDEA Author/Presenter

NASM certified ACE certified AFFA certified