UPPER BODY THAT ROCKS WORKOUT - 10 Exercises in 10 Minutes - episode 9 with Yvette Salva

by Yvette Salva


Today's workout is going to be the upper body. Now we have changed our format a bit you can go to my blog and see that everything is set up in categories. If you want to do 10 minutes of upper body and 10 minutes of legs that is easily accessible to you now. To stay up to date with my latest workout videos each week make sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel by clicking the button above this video. I have also been getting a lot of request for modifications to the workouts. I'm going to come out of gate like a mad woman. Cris is going to show you modifications to the workouts. A lot of woman do not have the upper body strength equal to the lower body. We are going to show you how to get to that push up and how to get to that triceps extension with proper form. I will be using 10 pound dumbbells today and Cris is using 5 pound dumbbells. Lets get started! This weeks workout: 1. Push up jacks or kneeling Pushup 2. Kneeling Overhead Triceps Extension 3. Chest Fly with Leg Lowers 4. Tricep Skull Crushers with Bicycle 5. One Arm Row - right side 6. One Arm Row - left side 7. Squat with Preacher Curl 8. Bent over rear Delt raise 9. Left "L" Raise 10. Arnold Overhead Press See you all next week Equipment Needed: Dumbbells Type of Workout: Arms Time: 10 Minutes

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