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UPPER BODY IN SHAPE FOR SPRING - 10 exercises in 10 minutes - episode 15 with Yvette Salva

by Yvette Salva


Welcome everyone to 10 in 10 - Upper body Train Hard finish strong. 1. Wide grip to close curl to over head press 2. Frontal raise to lateral raise to rear delt raise 3. Concentration curl in squat position 4. Pushup frontal raise right and left 5. Tricep Dips 6. Reverse table top all toe touches 7. Bent over simultaneous row 8. Standing upright row 9. Bent over bicep row 10. Tricep pushup - slow down and up That was awesome everyone! Try to shoot for two or three more rounds. See you all next week. Equipment Needed: Dumbbells Type of Workout: Upper Body Time: 10 Minutes

About the Presenter

Yvette Salva

Yvette Salva IDEA Author/Presenter

NASM certified ACE certified AFFA certified