TRX Rip Trainer Demo

by Laura Alvarado

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Coach Laura demos our newest piece of equipment the TRX Rip Trainer - CORE, AGILITY, ENDURANCE & STRENGTH in a single exercise!

About the Presenter

Laura Alvarado

Laura Alvarado IDEA Author/Presenter

Hi I'm Coach Laura. I am a lifestyle and weight loss coach. Do you feel discouraged and defeated from failed attempts to lose weight? Are you so tired at night that you don't have energy to spend time with your family or do the things you love? You're here because something needs to change in your life. I can help you become stronger and more resilient, to have confidence, and to have more energy than you ever thought possible. Over the past decade I've helped dozens of clients achieve this through one- on-one training. What are you waiting for? Don't let anything stop you from chasing your dreams. I'm here to stand by your side and show you how.