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TRX and Functional Balance Training

by Cynthia Hunter


Tweaking some moves from one of my amazing clients. Sometimes getting the perfect form down can take some work but it can be done :)

About the Presenter

Cynthia Hunter

Cynthia Hunter IDEA Author/Presenter

Cynthia is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine with over ten years of experience and an impressive history of loyal clientele who have experienced life-changing results. Her interest in medicine has led her choices in certifications and extra-curricular activities. Cynthia values not only the holistic and preventative health aspects of well-being, but also the incredible advancements in science and medical technology. Cynthia has published over 50 health and fitness articles for and other industry sites. Cynthia is a fun loving trainer who ALWAYS gets the job done. This reflects heavily in her training style which allows clients to accomplish goals by driving them to carry out physical feats they never realized they owned the capacity to achieve. ANYTHING can happen when training with Cynthia as the sky is the limit to what she’ll do to make sure client goals become reality. She holds a 100 percent success rate in the 'Train to Climb' program, where clients of average fitness levels train to summit some of the world's highest peaks. No matter how out of reach goals may seem, Cynthia is the trainer to help on the journey to make lasting lifestyle changes a reality. “As a trainer the key to working with obese and overweight clients is to want it more than they do. By pairing the science of nutrition and exercise with a high threshold for client resistance, goals are reached and lives are changed” ~ Cynthia Hunter