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Trigger Point Performance Therapy

by Claire Donahoe


A typical day in the office!

About the Presenter

Claire Donahoe

Claire Donahoe IDEA Author/Presenter

I'm a true southern girl from Louisiana that loves food, people, family, being outdoors, quiet prayer time, traveling anywhere and everywhere, singing in my car, dancing around my room, playing with my pup, and making others smile. Growing up, I played soccer from the age of 10 through high school as well as running cross country for a couple years but my true love was being an athletic trainer in high school. This is when I first realized that my fascination with the human body and it's intricacies was something I wanted to explore further. I am currently running several boot camps as well as one-on-one training and small group training. I also work for Trigger Point Performance Therapy as a program designer for SMRT-Core. My hope is that clients will share my passion and enthusiasm for health and fitness as they begin their journey to creating a healthier lifestyle. I truly believe that with a positive mindset, determination, and proper guidance, you can achieve any fitness goal set forth. I also believe, in this industry, the best way to be successful is to be willing and open to learning, and I'm very passionate about sharing the knowledge and wealth of information I have learned over the years. We have been blessed with this one body to take us through life's journey…why not take action now so it will continue to carry us forward!