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Transverse Planes Touches for Distance, Speed

by Anthony Carey, MA

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The transverse plane touch is a unilateral exercise used to control both the frontal plane and transverse plane stability at the ankle, the knee and the hip. Reach your foot out behind you to about 4 o'clock and just tap the floor with your right foot, without putting any weight on the right foot. Your left knee may drop because it's going into a valgus stress, so you'll need to control that. There will be a little bit of dorsiflexion at the ankle and you'll use the obliques to get that rotation. If you want to increase or progress the demand of this exercise, you could try to reach a little bit further, but still going to 4 o'clock. You should get a little bit deeper and stay within your threshold of where you don't have to put any weight on the right toe. One other progression you can do is for speed. Increase the tempo, shrink the distance that you go and control the momentum a little bit more, but go out much faster, and just tap and come back. If you want to regress this exercise for somebody who doesn't have good stability, you can bring in a chair or some other form of external stability. Don't put a lot of weight on the chair, and maintain the motion of the exercise where you're only tapping the floor and not putting any weight on the right foot.

About the Presenter

Anthony Carey, MA

Anthony Carey, MA IDEA Author/Presenter

Anthony Carey, MA, owns Function First in San Diego, California. He holds a master?s degree in biomechanics and athletic training, and is an internationally-recognized speaker on biomechanics, posture, motor control and musculoskeletal pain and function. As a best-selling author, his work has been featured in the New York Times and Time Magazine. Anthony is also the inventor of the Core-Tex.