TRAMPoline bootCAMP - Demo Video

by Cheryl Sacks


TRAMPoline bootCAMP takes exercise to a whole new level... literally! By combining the fat-shedding principles of fitness boot camp with choreographed routines on mini-trampolines, we create a fun, fast way to get the body you've been dreaming of. It's like a dance party in the air! The workouts are suitable for ALL FITNESS LEVELS, as all exercises are modifiable.

About the Presenter

Cheryl Sacks

Cheryl Sacks IDEA Author/Presenter

As a Fitness Trainer, I strive to teach, motivate, and guide you to a healthier YOU! I understand first-hand the struggles and frustrations of losing weight and staying healthy. I found success the natural way- hard work and dedication- without any special potions or pills. Let me lead you on this quest to a rejuvenated body.