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Tough Mudder Boot Camp

by Dean Parave


Rigourous ,insane training for conditioning to complete a Tough Mudder coarse.

About the Presenter

Dean Parave

Dean Parave IDEA Author/Presenter

Cristy Marecki owner/CEO of Naples Personal Training and Nutrition OUR MISSION IS TO GET YOU FIT AND HELP YOU STAY HEALTHY. I am originally from Maryland. I have been involved in fitness for over 20 years. After watching my father have a heart attack at 50 I decided, one I’d never be unhealthy and I would be committed to fitness for the rest of my life, and two I would help as many people as I could achieve their fitness and health goals. I became certified for training and teaching group fitness. I have worked with men and women who are cancer survivors to help increase their bone density after chemo and radiation reaped havoc on their bodies. I have helped people recover after knee replacements. I have encouraged many to exceed and reach their goals. I was a avid runner participating in many 5k's. Then when I moved to Florida a friend said “you have a great frame for body building " So I began that disciplined and rigorous journey in 2009 by 2011 I was competing in Nationals. Competing led me to share that passion with others who wanted to see where they stood on stage amongst other competitors. Dean and I have coached many from bodybuilders to bikini competitors who have all placed in top 5 at shows. What’s next? Tough Mudder!! Getting (insane)people and company teams ready for the events. Traveling with my team and supporting them along the way. In 2015I’m looking forward to stepping on stage again. Meeting new and amazing people and encouraging them and you to reach their goals.Together we can do it!!