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Toe Touches between Sets

by Gregory Gruszecki

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3 sets of Bench Press 12 reps with a super set of toe touches 21 reps then 15 then 12. Compliments of Masio Winston

About the Presenter

Gregory Gruszecki

Gregory Gruszecki IDEA Author/Presenter

Hello ! I am a highly energetic fitness enthusiast ! Fitness has always been a major passion of mine and it is always my goal to invoke that passion to my clients. My philosophy is to keep the client engaged by constantly switching up the work out routines and offering dietary advice. This will help keep my clients motivated by actually witnessing drastic results and changes. Each month I can record your measurements and weight to track your individual results. I will also email healthy recipes to my particular clients constantly to help keep the individual motivated to eat well. My first session is always free, so there is no excuse to not take advantage of this opportunity to finally achieve the body you have always wished for ! Greatness is always earned, Never awarded, so start your path towards greatness today !