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Tire Training

by Brian Ritchie


Training at the ROTC army Recruitment office.

About the Presenter

Brian Ritchie

Brian Ritchie IDEA Author/Presenter

What I can do for you: Thank you for considering meeting your goals with professional assistance from Iron Anatomy Personal Training. My name is Brian Ritchie and I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. I work very hard to meet the needs of my clients as an in-home Personal Trainer. If you are looking for a trainer with a great attitude, positive vibe and caring nature, you have come to the right person for your fitness needs. Although working out is not easy, with me as your trainer, it will all be worth it. As your trainer, I constantly monitor your progress to ensure that you are getting the results that you desire. How I got started: I began helping people get fit 6 years ago after I challenged my own limitations in a bodybuilding competion in Cleveland, Ohio. I learned that there is a healthy balance between overtraining and training for a healthy life style. Allow me the opportunity to show you how to get the best results possible! Why I love what I do: I am very excited to go to each and every session because I know that the services that I provide to my clients make an incredible impact in their daily lives. I have the opportunity to help my clients build confidence, healthy habits and a new start to life. It is amazing to see the impact that proper exercise and nutritional advice can have for my clients. I thank you all for your patronage and wish all who read this the very best of health!