The Kettlebell Swing SFKC

by Jeffery Burmann


This is a hip hop exercise video my brother Steve and I made while out on the field. This video demonstrates how to learn the kettlebell swing with efficiency in mind. It is the most basic and important kettlebell exercise you must know before doing other exercises such as the clean, or snatch. More videos like this will be coming soon for the kettlebell series from Spartan Fitness & Kettlebell Club.

About the Presenter

Jeffery Burmann

Jeffery Burmann IDEA Author/Presenter

I'm a fitness instructor in the SF Bay Area and have been training since 2009. My brother Steve and I co-own a local fitness business named Pike Fitness. We offer workplace wellness programs, mobile personal training and custom fitness plan services. I love what I do and see myself being a trainer for the rest of my life.