The Burpee

by Michael Pollock


Great total body exercise using only your bodyweight. Can be done anywhere.

About the Presenter

Michael Pollock

Michael Pollock IDEA Author/Presenter

Fitness is not only my career, its my PASSION. I work hard for my clients to ensure they get what they want out of their training. I have several certifications and continually seek out new education experiences to further my knowledge of fitness, exercise, and healthy living; so that I can then pass along that knowledge to my clients. I also annually compete in runs, triathlons, adventures races, and more. In other words, I practice what I preach and I would LOVE to help you in reaching your fitness goals! I offers unique and tailored training sessions specified towards YOUR needs and goals, and specialize in IN-HOME training = NO GYM NECESSARY! With my background in TRX, Functional Movement, and Integrated Fitness Training I promote functional movement through training - utilizing the body as one efficient machine with all its moving parts synergistically contributing to overall stability, mobility, and flexibility. My goals for ALL clients are two-fold. 1) Aid clients in changing their body to facilitate everyday activities and health goals. 2) Promote INDEPENDENCE so that clients have the knowledge and motivation to maintain healthy living. In other words, my greatest success would actually be training myself OUT of a job!