by Dylan Poesch


Awesome pushup variation to put size and strength on your body, supersetted with chin ups!

About the Presenter

Dylan Poesch

Dylan Poesch IDEA Author/Presenter

My name is Dylan Poesch. I am 25 years old and a former college/semi-pro football player. I have a STRONG PASSION FOR TRAINING PEOPLE OF ALL AGES. I have had great success with high school athletes, college athletes, and just normal adults. I give nothing but quality work as I do not want my name associated with any bad client. I am so confident you will get the results you want that i offer a FULL REFUND if you are not completely satsfied with your results after 90 days! Check out my youtube page at Please email me @ to schedule your free trial session! Like our Facebook page at Only inquire if you are serious about maximizing your potential! I want motivated people who want to become the strongest physically and mentally they can become!