The Attitube Difference: Active Weight Vs. Dead Weight

by Larry Brun


There are some misnomers on what exactly “Water Resistance” is and how fluid motion has revolutionized the fitness/sport training. Resistance is a force that tends to oppose motion, the Attitube uses water and the laws of gravity to create this resistance by forcing a prescribed amount of water through a narrow passage . The force of gravity pulls the water to the earth as quickly as possible, but by restricting the area in which the water can flow the tube becomes an unstable Active Weight, that requires the user to exert more muscles to overcome the instability. This instability forces more tension on the mover/primary muscles as well as the surrounding stabilizer ones, targeting multiple muscle groups per exercise and ultimately burning more calories at a higher heart rate.

About the Presenter

Larry Brun

Larry Brun IDEA Author/Presenter

I am an elite Lifestyle & Performance Coach and Inventor of the Attitube, and it is my passion to motivate clients to establish goals and achieve them. I train a range of clients from Pro Athletes, Celebrities and CEO’s to the physically disabled and baby boomers. My holistic approach to training targets the specific needs of each individual through the development of a specialized program that encompasses all aspects of Health, Fitness and Well-being; treating the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual (P.E.M.S) body as one, not separate. My passion for life and helping others achieve their own personal goals is reflected through my extensive training and dedication not only for his clients, but also in his own life, pursing my dream invention the Attitube, which is selling in the fitness and physical therapy marketplace today. I utilized the knowledge acquired through education and experience to develop the Attitube as a means to share his expertise with people and revolutionize the Health and Fitness industry. I have also produced and co-directed an Educational health TV Show called Lifestyles with Larry in hopes to modivate local communities to step up and take charge of their lives. I am a certified scuba diver, passionate Kettlebell activist and love trying new things, meeting new people, traveling the world and sharing experiences. I live and practice what I teach and try to set standards for myself and others. "Gone are the days where we only "workout" physically. We are so much more than that." LB