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Testimonials from DAC Fitness, July 2011

by KettleBell Concepts (KBC)

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Looks like KBC Senior Instructor, Randy Gruezo, is having a HORRIBLE time and this training was just a DISASTER! :) Thanks to the fantastic DAC Fitness team for a wonderful experience. See you again in a few months!

About the Presenter

KettleBell Concepts (KBC)

KettleBell Concepts (KBC) IDEA Author/Presenter

I'm the Founder and CEO of KettleBell Concepts. I absolutely LOVE what this tool can do for gym owners, trainers and group ex instructors. It's also great to see the industry is ignoring a lot of the hype around the kettlebell and are seeking more serious, scientific-based information around it. That's the principle I built my company on back when we started in 2002! KBC quietly stayed out of "fray" and now we're really hitting our growth. As of 2016 we are now with the largest distributors in China, Dubai, and Taiwan. I look forward to continuing to work with facility owners their teams globally!