Supine Hip Lift

by Crystal Winfrey

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Hip dominant exercise: As you extend your hips up, push through your heels. Once the hips are fully extended, squeeze your glutes to allow full contraction of the backside. For more challenge you can use a plyo box, medicine ball, or stability ball by placing feet on the equipment and extending the hips up.

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About the Presenter

Crystal Winfrey

Crystal Winfrey IDEA Author/Presenter

Off my website: "I chose to study Exercise Science in hopes of better understanding my body and how it works, as well as learning other means in which to prevent deadly diseases that claim the lives of so many every year. Being an athlete has taught me the value of life, and by doing my part – informing the public – I hope to be able to promote health and fitness so that every individual can enjoy and live full and healthy lives.”