Strengthen Your Lower Body: Finney Fitness, Signature Trainer Network

by Cindy Finney


Learn ways to strengthen your lower body, including your glutes!

About the Presenter

Cindy Finney

Cindy Finney IDEA Author/Presenter

As a mother of seven (and grandmother of five!) I understand how challenging it can be to find the time to work out. For more than 35 years, my life and career has revolved around health and fitness. I was among the first class of female college athletes to benefit from Title IX legislation. I taught physical education and health to preschoolers through eighth grade, and have been an ACE certified Fitness professional for more than a decade. After leading aerobics classes for 5 years, I realized that many women want and need more personalized fitness instruction. Maintaining a high level of cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength pays huge dividends for women in terms of quality of life, one’s health, and the activities of daily living. (Not to mention appearance!). I am committed to providing safe and effective workouts for women. My goal is for every woman to leave my gym feeling inspired, energized and supported in her quest to be healthy and fit! Be sure to check out my website for more information, fitness tips, and videos!