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Squats/Shoulders & Kettle Bells

by Cindy Asch-Martin


Intermediate Squats/Shoulders Using a Kettle Bell. This exercise is designed for those healthy enough for regular exercise.

About the Presenter

Cindy Asch-Martin

Cindy Asch-Martin IDEA Author/Presenter

My name is Cindy, I have been a personal trainer for sixteen + years. My focus with my clients is Strengthening, Balance and Core. I offer several programs including Program Design & Virtual on-line Personal Training, visit my website for further details. The focus would be on your needs, little to no equipment is needed, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. Serious inquires only please. My main focus with my own work-outs as well as with my clients work-out is core stability. With balance training; each day as we go about our lives it will make us more secure with our day to day activities. It is not just for the fit young individual but more so for adults 45 and up. The more our lives become sedentary it becomes even more important to help ourselves remain mobile. It isn’t until we can no longer do something and that can be as simple as tie our shoes or get up out of a chair that we realize what we used to be able to do that we now find either difficult or impossible. I am now an amputee and I can still do everything I did before. I am very thankful for my effort on core and balance training as it helped in my recovery 100%. If you have any personal challenges that you would like to overcome or just need some more motivation, email me @ with your goals and what your concerns or trouble areas are. Good Health is Priceless, and you're worth it!!