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Squat to Shoulder Press with Tube

by Anthony Carey, MA

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The squat to shoulder press with tubing incorporates two great movements: the overhead press and the squat. Start by holding on to the tubing and standing over the tubing to keep it anchored. If you were to separate your feet a little bit wider, it would increase the tension on the tubing. From here squat down, keeping your hands in the same position relative to your torso. As you come up, finish with an overhead press as the tension increases on the tubing. So you have the squat finishing above with a good full extension at the elbow, and good stabilization through the abdominal region as you get your hands overhead. If you want to progress this exercise, you could stand on an unstable environment like a pad that will allow for your weight transfers to be more noticeable, then repeat the process. Hands stay fixed, you'll go up, and now you'll have to deal with any shifts in your center of gravity that are happening on your base of support.

About the Presenter

Anthony Carey, MA

Anthony Carey, MA IDEA Author/Presenter

Anthony Carey, MA, owns Function First in San Diego, California. He holds a master?s degree in biomechanics and athletic training, and is an internationally-recognized speaker on biomechanics, posture, motor control and musculoskeletal pain and function. As a best-selling author, his work has been featured in the New York Times and Time Magazine. Anthony is also the inventor of the Core-Tex.