Sore Neck?

by George Cuevas Jr


Release all the muscles in various ways

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About the Presenter

George Cuevas Jr

George Cuevas Jr IDEA Author/Presenter

Fitness is my life. If I am not participating in it I am assisting others to make fitness part of their life. As you already know I am a Certified Personal Trainer. When I am not training others I am training myself. Whether I am getting ready for a seasons triathlon, or just enjoying the outdoors during the rain, sun, snow or fall you can always find me out on the mountain, ANY mountain, any time. I have always grown up doing a little bit of everything. And that is how I still am today. I never perfected one sport, I was always great at a variety of sports. And that is what I like to promote. With so many sights to see, places to go, and things to do, a well rounded approach is a great way to witness all the planet has to offer. In the end my dream is to witness the top of every major mountain in the world.