Snow Storm Workout part 1

by Jana Heath


A bad snow storm shouldn't stop you from getting in a workout. In this video I am about 4 months pregnant so no excuses! Modify the exercises as needed.

About the Presenter

Jana Heath

Jana Heath IDEA Author/Presenter

My passion is to motivate people to improve the quality of their lives. I help people fit exercise and nutrition into their lives and do not promote a one size fits all plan. I personally design individualized programs for my clients and provide a variety of ways for us to work together. I run fitness classes in a few different locations and encourage group training to relieve some of the financial burden. Though I have a Master's degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, my experience and research is where I believe the true value that I give my clients. I see most of my clients in their homes or offices. No Gym. No Excuses. I work with people of all levels of fitness as well as people rehabbing from injuries and surgeries. Please visit my website and check out my Facebook page and YouTube channel as well. I also teach many fitness classes at a few locations.