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Small Group Training

by Roger Bowman Jr.


Training one of my several small groups of ladies who are all friends and come together to sweat, have fun and of course get great results at a much lower price.

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About the Presenter

Roger Bowman  Jr.

Roger Bowman Jr. IDEA Author/Presenter

I have been working as a certified personal trainer with American Counsel on Exercise since 2003. I'm a Weight Management Specialist with ACE as well. I work as wellness consultant, personal trainer, and among all other things fitness and lifestyle related, I am an IFBB pro in men’s physique. I have worked with hundreds of people among different populations through the years and have a lot of references if needed. I primarily prefer and choose to work with average middle aged people striving to look and feel their best with a fat loss & muscle building program being sought after. Please contact me at (copy/paste) or email at michiganhealthnuts (at)yahoo(dot com) On top of my training business I managed a health food store for 9 years, and currently I run a consulting business working with an anti-aging group ( and our clients to help them understand as well as guide them with their doctor supervised HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), wellness, training and supplement programs they are on. This is the bulk of my day to day work. I am a former part owner of the nutritional supplement company called SizeSlim ( in which I was heavily involved with product development and educational content, you can see a lots of my articles on the site. I believe smart training AND nutrition/body balance need to go together correctly and consistently to look and feel your best. I firmly believe the client/trainer relationship needs to be more than the hour together spent at the gym. A "road map" needs to be put together to achieve your health and fitness goals. I like to be the coach that educates and guides you through that if your willing to travel the path it takes to get from point A to point B. I work with a select & small number of local clients at Definition Fitness located at 6919 W. Central Avenue, Toledo, Ohio. The facility is extremely clean and has top notch equipment. I look forward to helping you look and feel your best ever!