Side Lying Deltoid Raise

by kathy Babcock

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Get into the Deltoid Cap happen for you to get the strength and fit on at any age....and for some good hugging and loving ARMS!

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kathy Babcock

kathy Babcock IDEA Author/Presenter

Blue Skies to name is Kathy Babcock I have been in the fitness industry for over 25 years! I believe that We can Feel, Fantastic, Fit, Fulfilled, and Free at any age.....I have challenged the idea that if we take small steps consistently to treat our bodies like a temple and remember that it is the only place we have to live in, then WELLNESS FOLLOWS! If I can motivate any of my Corporate Groups, Private Pilates Clients, Women's Groups and Youth Groups to Value their 'Wellness', See their Worth and, 'REFUSE TO LIVE AN UN-LIVED LIFE'. than I am thrilled and my work is done! 'Health and Love...Jewels of Life' ... I would like to invite you to see my KUSI SAN DIEGO NEWS FITNESS SPOT EVERY WEDNESDAY @ 9:AM GOOD MORNING SHOW WITH CINDY WHITMARSH TO GET YOUR WEEK STARTED AND ENDING WITH A GREAT MOOD AND A NEW WAY TO FIND ENERGY, HEALTH AND HAPPINESS IN YOUR LIFE!! COME ON....YOU SAID TODAY I WILL BEGIN MY FITNESS DEPOSIT YESTERDAY? YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES!!