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Self-Myofascial Release Hamstrings

by Anthony Carey, MA

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Self-myofascial release on the hamstrings is a great adjunct to traditional hamstring stretching, as so many people usually feel a need to do. The hamstrings are a broad muscle group, three major muscle bellies back there and we can really get after them with the foam roller by supporting ourselves on one leg. Start by supporting your right leg and your arms, keeping your buttocks off the ground to keep the pressure on the left hamstring group. Extend your left knee to keep the hamstrings under a little bit of tension, which exposes them and allows them to get more pressure from the foam roller. Move back and forth trying to find a tender point. You could also slightly rotate your hip internally or externally to find a little bit more of the outer hamstring or the inner hamstrings. If you wanted to make this more intense and progress the myofascial release, you could use a tennis ball, which will provide a more specific point tender place on your hamstrings because the force will be more direct on a smaller area. If you wanted to regress it, you could use something that is a little bit broader, like a medicine ball, which will dissipate the forces over your hamstrings and make it a little bit less sensitive.

About the Presenter

Anthony Carey, MA

Anthony Carey, MA IDEA Author/Presenter

Anthony Carey, MA, owns Function First in San Diego, California. He holds a master?s degree in biomechanics and athletic training, and is an internationally-recognized speaker on biomechanics, posture, motor control and musculoskeletal pain and function. As a best-selling author, his work has been featured in the New York Times and Time Magazine. Anthony is also the inventor of the Core-Tex.