Rugged Fitness (RUGGED KIDS) Boxing

by John Hoadley


Gabriel throwing down in one of our first Rugged Kids classes!! The Rugged Kids Mission: Get Kids Moving & Combat Childhood Obesity Mentor Kids In Developing A Love Of Fitness To Last Their Whole Life Develop Strength, Speed & Agility To Excel In Their Athletic Pursuits Teach Discipline & Self Respect

About the Presenter

John Hoadley

John Hoadley IDEA Author/Presenter

John currently coaches clients of all backgrounds & fitness levels at gyms through out Middlesex & Hartford, Ct counties. He has been an avid fitness enthusiast all his life. John has had a passion for martial arts & fitness since age 12. He is a Black Belt Instructor of Ninja-Ryu Koga Ryu Ninjutsu, has studied the Blazing Phoenix System, Kung Fu and more. John is the former owner of Knights Academy of Martial Arts & Fitness, where as Sensei (Master & Instructor of Martial Arts) John created and taught his unique form Tai-Fu Jitsu (Art of the Hurricane) to children and adults of all ages and backgrounds for ten years. (1992 – 2002) John was commissioned by State of Connecticut for Instruction of Troubled Children to Find a Positive Outlet. (1993 – 1994) John and his students have competed in The Best of the Best and the Battle of New England martial arts tournaments. John decided he wanted to reach and help more people with his love for martial arts and fitness. He became a NESTA Certified Elite Training Specialist in 2010. John has been training clients and students in their homes, outdoors and at fitness facilities through out CT. He constantly strives to grow and learn from every resource he finds, including those around him, other trainers, instructors and even clients. John believes we all have something to learn and share with each other.