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Rockstar... TRX Plus 1 Challenge

by Megan Wessels

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My rockstar client just killed 117 reps! So proud of her! 36 (score 8) Left TRX Burpees, 45 (score 9) Right TRX Burpees and ended with 36 (score 8) TRX Atomic Push-ups. TRX Challenge Plus 1 Challenge: Left TRX Burpees - Perform 1 repetition, rest 10 sec. Perform 2 repetitions, rest 10 sec. Perform 3 repetitions, rest 10 sec.... continue this pattern, adding one rep each set until you are unable to complete the required reps continuously with good form. Record score of repetitions you reach. Rest 2 minutes and begin next movement, record score (Right TRX Burpees) Rest 2 minutes and begin final movement, record score (TRX Atomic Push-ups)

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About the Presenter

Megan Wessels

Megan Wessels IDEA Author/Presenter

I have a professional dance background and am full of fitness energy and encouragement. My clients are challenged with a smile and gain confidence knowing that they can complete what is asked of them. I am blessed to teach fitness and help clients understand the importance of proper movement and form. I have worked with all ages and abilities, from 15 to 89 years old. I feel everyone should learn how to enjoy exercise, stay healthy and feel great! Some of my best moments in life have been under the lights, dancing with teammates and friends. These experiences provided me with a great foundation of accountability, ambition, camaraderie and leadership. I believe everyone needs a cheerleader and a team! You are my team, so LET'S GO!