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Revelation Fitness

by Revelation Wellness Instructor Training (Revelation Wellness)

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Setting the intention before a class begins

About the Presenter

Revelation Wellness Instructor Training (Revelation Wellness)

Revelation Wellness Instructor Training (Revelation Wellness) IDEA Author/Presenter

Alisa Keeton is the founder of Revelation Wellness, an non-profit wellness organization, devoted to educating and inspiring people to live healthy and whole lives in Christ. Alisa has been a certified personal fitness professional for over 17 years. She holds a B.A. degree in education, is certified through the American Council on Exercise in Group Fitness and Personal Training. Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and now married with two children, fitness is still Alisa's passion. With a new vision in mind, Alisa started Revelation Wellness."I believe in the possibility of being healthy and whole which comes from training the whole person; mind, body, soul and spirit; with a social consciousness regarding the gift of good health. When we individually experience wholeness we are more open and able to serve others well." Guided by this vision, all of Alisa's classes are taught on a donation basis. Her fitness classes are open to anyone at anytime. "Good health should be accessible to all. Understandably there are risks with having no set fee, but we rely on those who can afford to give to give. Effectively helping those who cannot afford the cost. In the end it makes beautiful sense." "I am also passionate about seeing the enlargement of communities living healthy and free in Christ. This is going to require the boldness and equipping of others who are willing to step forward to lead their own whollistic fitness revolution." Revelation Wellness Instructor Training was designed to meet such a need. Alisa is the creator of Revelation Fitness Tm, and the founder of Weigh Less to Feed More; a weight loss an wellness program that teaches participants how to live healthy and whole lives in Christ while serving others who suffer from physical and spiritual poverty around the world. For more information about Revelation Wellness please go to