Randy Aikens wears KewlFit Cooling Vest during power cardio

by KewlFit


Randy Aikens, AKA Mr Goodmorning wears his 58°F KewlFit Performance Cooling Vest during his intense power cardio session to keep core temperature lower, enabling him to workout longer and harder while being more comfortable.

About the Presenter


KewlFit IDEA Author/Presenter

KewlFit is introducing a new way to achieve fat loss and athletic performance goals. KewlFit provides athletes with enhanced performance by simply wearing the Cooling Vest during training and conditioning activities. Research shows that not only does cooling the body improve performance output, endurance and increases in heat storage capacity but it also has the ability to activate Brown Adipose Tissue (brown fat). Harvard Medical School found that activating brown adipose tissue can burn several hundred calories a day! In their study a 14°C cooling vest was used, the same temperature of our KewlFit product line. Wear the KewlFit vest while working out or at the office to achieve your goals!