PUPS Push Up Power Squat

by Lisa Thibodeau


We incorporate a push up, with a power jump squat

About the Presenter

Lisa Thibodeau

Lisa Thibodeau IDEA Author/Presenter

Becoming involved with fitness as a result of setting my own personal goals of losing 25 lbs. and conforming to a healthy lifestyle was inevitable. Conveying my knowledge with students and clients makes it easy for everyone to adhere and follow my unique style of training. Regardless, my mottoes will always remain, “Safety Comes First” and “Everything in Moderation for a Well-Balanced Life”. Implementing proper nutrition along with exercise will ultimately guarantee success in your goals. The training techniques used such as Pilates, Weight Training, Core, Cardio, and Flexibility are for all who share my philosophy of fitness training. Clients and students will attest to leaving my class or session knowing they’ve been given the best possible workout, providing everyone with knowledge for improved strength, and overall feel of transformation and well being.